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Combing the internet and this fell out:.. trust but verify, folks. GENERAL AVIATION RULES OF THUMB Standard Pressure, Temperature, and Lapse Rate Sea level standard pressure = 29.92″ hg Standard lapse rate = -1″ hg. for each 1000′ increase in … Continue reading

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Ham Radio Raspberry Pi streaming with scanner (Part 1)

OK, so we have been talking about getting one of these Raspberry Pi projects up. Lets do it! The end result will be a stand alone BroadCastify stream of your Ham Radio repeater needing only a single power source of … Continue reading

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Ham Related Sites

Amateur Radio Related sites: ARRL Ham Nation (Weekly live Thursday 0200 UTC) Amateur Radio Newsline Amateur Logic (live Saturday 0200 UTC) This Week in Radio Tech Amateur Radio Round Table (Weekly live Wed 0200 UTC) … Continue reading

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