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FAA Medical Reform defined

FAA Medical Reform Today, January 11th 2017, the FAA announced its final rule on Medical Reform to go into effect May 1st. A pilot may opt to continue using their medical certificate or opt to exercise this rule instead. It … Continue reading

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Combing the internet and this fell out:.. trust but verify, folks. GENERAL AVIATION RULES OF THUMB Standard Pressure, Temperature, and Lapse Rate Sea level standard pressure = 29.92″ hg Standard lapse rate = -1″ hg. for each 1000′ increase in … Continue reading

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When can I fly…

When can I fly? Is this an easy question or a difficult one? The answer is both. If you suspect you are creating a risk by flying then choose your alternative… Don’t fly. The rules state to follow guidelines, but … Continue reading

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Personal Minimums

Please remember that weather forecasts can be just plain wrong at times. As the weather deteriorates what do you do? I cannot tell you what you can or cannot do, but I am sticking to “Personal Minimums”. These include any … Continue reading

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4 base principles of flight

When flight training I found that once I knew the following, everything else seemed to make sense. Unfortunately they do not tell you this until you get into the aerodynamic forces portion of the curriculum. As always, I post this … Continue reading

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Aviator Sunglasses – Looking cool or an actual purpose?

So I had the question the other day if Aviator sunglasses actually came from aviation or not. Now, Who knows if the New York Times had it right and honestly, I think the question is really “Do Aviators have value … Continue reading

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Aviation Acronyms

Getting started in aviation? You will find there are a few acronyms to memorize. You will want to memorize then sooner than later because you will quickly find that searching for and tying to read a checklist while in flight … Continue reading

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