Carpet to wood flooring (testing out in closet first)

So I have it in my head I want to redo the carpet downstairs and wood sounds like a much better and cleaner option. To test difficulty, skills and tools needed and gauge time I thought I would do the smaller patch of my closet. This will also get a closet system later as well. (maybe a month or 2 down the line from now)

Here is how it started out. Similar to my living room, it has carpet and underneath there is carpet pad. Turns out the same as my stairs had.

I cut at the door line of the closet, removed the baseboards, pulled the carpet out as well as the padding. When I removed the baseboards I pulled the nails out and decided I would use fresh nails when re-installing. I did not pull the door trim off yet since I needed to cut the bottom enough for the flooring to slide under a little and I needed a scrap offcut to use to get the height for the cut.

The carpet strips (tacky boards around the edges) came up easiest when I wedged a pry-bar under them at the points they were nailed to the subfloor and pried up a little. When I did this the whole way down the strip they came out easy with little breakage or difficulty.

A quick vacuum of the area and pulling of staples left from the padding and I could begin the install of the new underlayment. I chose to go with Pergo Gold Underlayment. I have around 50 square feet so one box (10 square feet) was all I needed. It had good reviews, seemed easy to use and has a connecting strip built in to attach one underlayment to another to minimize any gaps. Lowes sells this and I only bought this since Home Depot (which does allow dogs) had lesser quality stuff for the same price and was out of the Roberts BlackJack underlayment I was going to try out. (pitty too, since the Pergo Gold is about $60 a box and had a similar online rating and review of the Pergo Gold)

As underlayment will not contract or expand I cut a little long so they went under the drywall and door pieces. It also goes under the carpet slightly. I set down a scrap flooring piece and used a flush-cut saw to get the height I needed off the bottom of the door trim. This also prevented the underlayment from getting damaged.

Home Depot lets my dog shop with me so I like them for a big box store. They had a good 8mm Sonoma Oak that covered a little over 21 square feet a box so 3 boxes later and I had enough for my 48 square foot closet plus extra to keep for mess ups and later repairs if needed down the line.



Laying down the floor itself was easy. I had a bit of room under all the walls so I used that for my gap and went the exact length of the wall. This left about 2/3 inch room under the drywall on all sides. Keep in mind the underlayment went the full distance underneath. When I got to the door I pried back the door trim on the front side and pushed back the floor as much as possible under the rear wall. This gave me an easy time installing as I cut the width of the last board to match being in line with the walls, not going under. I clicked the last pieces in place and slid the floor to the center again and installed the trim on the doors and baseboards again. I used brad nails to install these.

I then re-installed the shoe racks and put my shoes back in. I think it turned out well and it does feel nice on the feet. I am curious to find out how well it holds up when I add the weight of the closet system to it. I guess we will find out in the near future.

You will notice I did try to repeat the cut pattern every 3 rows just to be consistent. I think it turned out well and all it needs in a transition nailed between the carpet and closet wood flooring. I am not going to do this since I have not decided if I will do my bedroom in wood yet. That might come later. If I install the piece of transition it will simply be nailed with a few nails directly to the floor and pinching the carpet.

Feeling pretty handy,


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I am a member of the Eden Prairie Radio club. This is a Minnesota Ham Radio Enthusiast club and we promote experimentation and learning through the Amateur Radio hobby. Come check into a net on Sunday with us or better yet meet us in person on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
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