Quick and dirty Kitchen Disposal replacement

My disposal went out and when we turned it on it simply sounded stuck. Using the allen key for the bottom to dislodge the blades had it working for a second but then locked again and after a few times turning back and forth it still seemed to fail. Not locked up, just not working.


Not sure if you can see it but the bottom part of the canister lower than the pipe seems to be split and leaking something. Not fully as it is not on the bottom of the cupboard, but definitely not right. So we replace the Badger 5 with an “almost” direct replacement of the Badger 500.

Take the old one out by using the supplied allen key onto the looped tabs on the lowest chrome ring that mates to the black canister. Twist to unlock and allow the unit to drop, then unhook pipes and wires and do not forget about the catch bucket underneath. Now is a good time to clean the insides of the pipes and mating surfaces.

ok, so with the old one out and the surfaces clean, lets start getting the Badger 500 ready to go in. Note that the sink attachment I simply left in as the mating rings are the same and saw no issues with the old one. You may want to replace yours if you see grime, mold, cracking or otherwise. (Or if you simply want to replace it for good measure. Wrestling around all this may deform or crack the putty that attaches the seal into your sink. For mine, this was adequate.)

I have a dishwasher attached to mine, so out comes the plug by knocking it out with a screwdriver and removing the plastic piece that comes out.


Take the wiring out of the old one and replaced into the new one just how I found the old one. New one didn’t come with any electrical wires. OVzOLRSwRRSqRzO8Z1ZhWg

Now we come to the part where I said “almost” direct replacement. The new one has an elbow for pipe connection and my old one had a straight pipe. When I looked at the old unit, it turns out that the old unit had a pressure fitting straight pipe with a screw on mating price. The new one does not. The new one has a 2 screw plate that pulls the plastic mating surface to a rubber seal set into the unit. This fix was as easy as going to the hardware store with my old chrome pipe and asking for a flared end 12 inch chrome tube from the plumbing section. I tossed the plastic piece into a bin and used all but that on the new one. sVG+VPKqR4y0krM%kXaR+A

Here is a close up of the back side of it. Don’t forget to attach that dishwasher host and clamp. Tested for leaks and ran for a few minutes under power and with water. Ah, $115 spent and I am back to where I was the other day.


Feeling Pretty Handy,


About K0FEY

I am a member of the Eden Prairie Radio club. This is a Minnesota Ham Radio Enthusiast club and we promote experimentation and learning through the Amateur Radio hobby. Come check into a net on Sunday with us or better yet meet us in person on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
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