Drying wood with chart (Is my wood dry?)

I would like to pass on info I found when I think it might be helpful to others. I would love to get some confirmation that this is a usable chart from someone. I have been taking notations of my woods moisture content lately and found a chart that helps explain the equilibrium of Moisture Content in wood with Relative Humidity of the location it is stored after a time period. Moisture content of wood may be controlled by controlling the Relative Humidity where it is dried. Here is the relationship between relative Humidity (RH) and wood Moisture Content (MC).
58-64 RH – 11% MC
52-58 RH – 10%MC
46-52 RH – 9% MC
39 -46 RH – 8% MC
32 -39 RH – 7% MC
25 -32 RH – 6% MC
19-25 RH – 5% MCTip: Add heat to push the relative humidity lower. For indoor wood use I would like to be lower than 10% to prevent additional wood movement/drying. Check this against your homes humidity levels though. Or just store your wood inside your house for a long time before working with it.

I think Gene Wengert is the source of this chart. Also, I would love to find a time based chart as well. In other words, how long it takes to move +/- a percentage in MC. hit me up if you have something like that.

Now I can go do more of those projects in my honey-do list.

Feeling pretty handy,




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