Aviation Acronyms

Getting started in aviation? You will find there are a few acronyms to memorize. You will want to memorize then sooner than later because you will quickly find that searching for and tying to read a checklist while in flight may not work out so well for you. Keep your focus on flying both in and out of the cockpit and not focused on checklist cards.

Say these out loud if you use them, don’t just try to remember them. What do I mean by this? You will find that if you say these “checklists” out loud as you are flying in specific scenarios that you are less likely to forget or skip a step. (as an added bonus, your “Instructor/Passengers/Checkride Examiner” wants to know what you are doing anyway, so do this by habit).

Here are a few of the more popular:

acronym: used: meaning:
ABCDE engine out emergency Airspeed,
Best place to land,
ANDS compass changes Acceleration causes the needle to swing northerly, deceleration southerly
APES night VFR Anticollision lights,
Position lights,
Electric source,
Spare fuses or circuit breakers
ARROW before entering a/c Airworthiness certificate, Registration, Radio license, Operating limitations,
Weight & balance
BLITTTS line-up check Boost pump on, Lights, Instruments set, Transponder on, Take-off time noted, Tanks – fuel, Safety – seat, belts, doors secured
CIGAR before takeoff Cowls, Instruments, Gas, Altimeter, Run up
CRAFTS clearance Clearance,
FAMEP IFR flight (mandatory reports:) Fixes: arriving or leaving,
Altitude changes,
Missed approach,
Equipment: loss or problems,
Performance: poor climb/descend, TAS change
FAST in-flight piston restart Fuel, Air, Spark, Terminate
FLAPS night VFR Fuses,
Landing light,
Anticollision lights,
Position lights,
Source of electricity
GUMPPSS before landing Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Prop, Pump, Switches, Seat belts and harnesses
RECIT before flight Radios,

What other acronyms do you have/use?

Let me know what questions you want me to address or if anything is unclear. My email is k0fey@arrl.net



About K0FEY

I am a member of the Eden Prairie Radio club. This is a Minnesota Ham Radio Enthusiast club and we promote experimentation and learning through the Amateur Radio hobby. Come check into a net on Sunday with us or better yet meet us in person on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
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2 Responses to Aviation Acronyms

  1. David says:

    Don’t forget TOMATOFLAMES (the required VFR equipment list)

    Oil pressure
    Manifold pressure
    Temperature sensor (liquid-cooled)
    Oil temperature (air cooled)
    Fuel gauge
    Landing gear position
    Airspeed indicator
    Magnetic compass
    Seat belts



    • K0FEY says:

      Add for night VFR:

      Fuses (spares) or circuit breakers
      Landing light (if for hire)
      Anticollision lights
      Position lights
      Source of electricity


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