Broadcast your Club Repeater

I created this presentation of BroadCastify streaming for my club (Eden Prairie Radio Club). In thinking about this I would highly recommend doing this for several reasons.

BroadCastify <– Click for PowerPoint Presentation.

Lets address some of the more common questions:

Why bother? – Ham radio is all about communication and experimentation. If this doesn’t link the old with the new then I do not know what does. Lets get back to learning hands on, many clubs could use this as a build day.

How hard is it to drive net participation to your repeater? – Ham Radio Operators have access to this (The everyone does actually) and if you make it interesting then you may just get some worldwide participation on your repeater (If you have echolink configured…. but that is a subject for another day). Suggestion: Start giving your Net times in local AND UTC.

Ever wish you had a recording of something that happened on the repeater? – OK, everyone wishes they had a recording of that time when Jim said the funniest thing… or when that jerk got on the repeater… or simply a great conversation with an old friend… and many will simply want to use this for those emergency training nets to go over what was good and bad. Well, BroadCastify records your feeds in 30 minute blocks and archives them for 180 days  as long as your stream is up. Want to see some of the more notable ones:

How interesting is the daily interactions on the repeater? – We all have to work but even if you cannot participate you might be able to at least listen if you have cell or internet where you are.

Have you wanted to drive more new ham licensing? – I go interested in Ham Radio when I stumbled upon a net with an old scanner radio. The new generation is using the internet for much more of their research. Lets give them a taste of what our clubs represent. If anything maybe someone new to the community might find you this way.

And most important, how well is the repeater working? – Now I actually mean this in 2 ways. First, How well is the repeater working? Is it breaking up or too low power? Is it over-modulating or do you have it tuned to perfection? Second, How do you sound? When you key up… do you know what you sound like to others? Trying to tweak that EQ for that perfect sound? This might just be your solution.

So get to it! Feel free to use the link to the PowerPoint and set up your own broadcasting of your repeater. Experiment with different ways to get the feed going. What hardware will you use? Don’t like SDR (Software Defined Radio)? Then you don’t have to use it.

I used a RaspBerry Pi to get my feed going for the low power requirements and small form.


My Setup:

Raspberry Pi 2 B w/ EdiMax Wireless N USB

RTL2832U USB Dongle w/ premium antenna


rtl_fm, lame, EzStream, IceCast (Icecast just to verify streaming ability and quality)



See the following links to get you started:

Raspberry Pi Broadcast setup

Another Broadcastify/Pi build

SDR (Software Defined Radio)

Have fun and 73’s,

Let me know what questions you want me to address. My email is



About K0FEY

I am a member of the Eden Prairie Radio club. This is a Minnesota Ham Radio Enthusiast club and we promote experimentation and learning through the Amateur Radio hobby. Come check into a net on Sunday with us or better yet meet us in person on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
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